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PostSubject: FORUM RULES   Tue Oct 25, 2016 7:25 pm

1. Remember that we are a mature and LGBT+ supported community. If this bothers you, then please leave.

2. No verbal abuse, harassment, or things of offensive nature. This includes posting lewd pictures or stories.

3. No flaming/spam/and other annoying things to do with forums

4. Please keep things in their right subforum. This is more of a guideline.

5. Don’t advertise. Personal Projects are fine to advertise, but don't drown people in it. This rule is mostly because we don't want your health insurance.

6. Please don’t bump threads.

7. Forum goes off of a three strike rule. Of which you’ll be approached privately to be talked about any discretions. Three strikes and you’re out.

8. If you’re banned from the Minecraft server, you will be considered banned from the forums.

9. If banned, you will be added to a forum group that can now see the Ban Appeals Forum. Available only to forum staff. There you may, obviously, appeal to have your ban removed.

10. Please observe any additional subforum or thread rules before posting in them.

11. Have fun and enjoy yourself! <3
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